S T U P E N D O U S is a randomly produced publication loosely formed collaborative imprint formerly stationed in New York, NY Arnhem, NL and currently operating in the southeast corner of the Netherlands New York, NY. S T U P E N D O U S offers design services in exchange for content and remains free of design constraints so it's format can suit it's theme. The final result is ultimately informed by the submissions of its contributors, the by-product outcome of a joint effort between artist (or author) and designer. Submissions welcome.

Alex Roth
Please Make Sure
Your Camper is Secure:
Gilberton, PA

Reading Please Make Sure Your Camper is Secure is for me, at moments, like reading Michel de Certeau’s “Walking in the City,” or Guy Debord’s Psychogeographic Guide to Paris. At other times it is like the best moments from Annie Dillard’s Teaching a Stone to Talk, or the various atlases of Rebecca Solnit. But at bottom it reminds me, and is as thrilling and troubling, as Jayne Anne Phillips’ Black Tickets or Joan Didion’s The White Album. Ultimately, comparisons fall short of describing just what this book is and who Alex is as a person and artist.
—David Griffith, from the foreword

152 pages, 11x7.5 cm
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Meggie Kelley
Dark Alcoves, Hidden Niches,
and Cozy Corners

Dark Alcoves, Hidden Niches, and Cozy Corners looks at the appeal of the alcove as a retreat within social spaces, satisfying dual needs for privacy and a sense of belonging. Kelley explores the architectural device's history and use over the past two centuries, even during modernism's push for open, uninterrupted space.

64 pages, 11x7.5 cm
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Luke Allen
Davide Balliano
Max Bode
Kim Boske
Peter Kleeman
Darri Lorenzen
Katja Mater
Anders Nordby
Agnieszka Polska
Misha de Ridder
Rich Samis
Clare Wohlnick

Receiving its germ from psychedelic cult oddities Lothar & The Hand People's sophomore release Space Hymn, S T U P E N D O U S #2 leaves behind the mythical science fiction landscape to consider void in itself and the nonmaterial world.

12 Posters, 54x81 cm
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Chrissy Angliker
Jordan Awan
Marc Bally
Jon Bocksel
Stef Bridges
Robin Cameron
Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor
Harm van den Dorpel
Ida Ekblad
John Farrar
Kyle Hagerman
Alex Heir
Peter Kaplan
Maggie Lee
Aimee Lusty
Scott Meyers
Colleen Rochette
Matt Sidella
Matthew Whipple

The inaugural issue's focus consists of a reflection on family. From the byline: "Despite one's efforts to be at the epicenter of art and culture, to be an individual, to learn a craft, or to succeed, part of who we are comes from somewhere more humble. For many, family and relatives contradict our individual identities. S T U P E N D O U S #1 is dedicated to the people who we are forced to interact with, for the people we have to see, despite our feelings towards them: to our disliked and eccentric relatives". The nineteen young artists involved enthusiastically chronicle their thieving grandfathers, gold-medalist uncles, stage-magician fathers, and the anxieties and experiences that surround such things, through a variety of media.

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    Inaugural Poster

    A vacation in Norway; teaming with ambiguity and semiotics.

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